Personal Brand (1) – Brand vs. Reputation

Your personal brand is what you put out there every day; on Facebook, in E-mails, on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, during phone calls, at meetings and in your personal relationships. Everything you do, that can be observed by a second or third party, is essentially brand building.

Our exhibitionistic lifestyles leave more impressions today than ever before. The concept of managing your personal brand may be fairly new to the ‘average Joe’, but our reputation, on the other hand, is something that has concerned us for ages. As tribal beings we are essentially wired to mind what others think of us. No surprise, when in the past, the acceptance of ‘the tribe’ was a condition for securing our survival. In ‘geek terms’, our default setting is to care about each other. And that’s a good thing! :)

How do you manage your personal brand?

So now, why personal brand instead of reputation? Brand and reputation closely resemble each other. The reason for distinction between the two is simply that reputation has more of an interpersonal aspect. A personal brand on the other side, much like corporate brands, have a second dimension including deliberate actions such as; package, market, broadcast.

Today we share our thoughts, feelings and activities openly through apps, blogs and in social media. I want to stress the importance of brand management in relation to the presence you claim. A stay at home dad writing status-updates about lattes and runny noses has less of a need to reflect on his brand than let’s say Oprah Winfrey. But I think it’s pretty safe to say, that it can do us all some good, to give our brand a thought, in this day and age. Have a plan, a strategy or at least a common manner of handling your brand in the online community, it’s called Online Identity Management (OIM).

This is the first in a series of posts discussing reputation, personal branding and OIM, so stay tuned!

/BENSON for B|Social

5 thoughts on “Personal Brand (1) – Brand vs. Reputation

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  4. brand and reputation

    I agree with you. Brand and reputation sounds similar in terms of the effects they have on your visibility. Anyhow, both requires different strategy at different times. You need to carefully develop a strong strategy to brand yourself in the public and subsequently grow your reputation.

  5. BENSON Post author

    That’s true. I hope you got a chance to read my follow-up posts on Personal Brand – Dissecting Reputation and Personal Brand – Dissecting Brand. Thanks for the comment :)


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